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Who we are

a journey, not a destination

Sustainability is a journey, not a destination. We recognise the actions that must be made, and the perceptions that must be changed, for a better, healthier planet. Our platform provides a space where small and easy consumer changes can be made all in one place.
We hand-pick designers all around the world, pioneering the way in sustainable fabrics and processes, slowing down fast fashion, while staying stylish, affordable and long lasting.

Here at Chief and Turtle, we give you ability to shop by what values you believe in, by doing this, allowing you to make the small sustainable choices and checkout feeling confident you've made a planet-friendly purchase.

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Check out our latest blogs to see what we have to say on sustainable activewear, we like to share with our community our thoughts on products and how we can all make a small difference in our everyday life.

Sustainable Activewear

Chief and Turtle is one of the UK's first sustainable activewear retailers, supporting an ethical fashion industry for a more stylish and healthy planet. We bring together the very best sustainable clothing brands from around the world, and place ethical and sustainable practices at the heart of everything we do.

The days of ethical clothing being boring and drab are over! Chief and Turtle is here to provide you with stylish options for any active lifestyle. Our curated collection of eco-friendly activewear includes loungewear with figure-flattering contemporary design, practical and ethical workout wardrobe staples, and high end technical sportswear.

Sustainable Fashion

Welcome to the home of guilt-free and fabulous fashion. Chief and Turtle is your one stop shop for sustainable clothing. With sustainable sportswear, activewear and loungewear cherry-picked from the world's leading ethical clothing brands, we are leading the UK towards a more sustainable fashion industry.

From sustainable training gear and gym wear to ethical running clothes and yoga pants, we've got you covered. Our size inclusive range means there's something perfect for every body; so go ahead and smash those fitness goals while looking great and caring for the planet.

Ethical Clothing Brands

Each of the carefully selected ethical clothing brands featured by Chief and Turtle shares our fierce commitment to protecting the planet and the communities who live on it. We want future generations to enjoy a better, greener, fairer world – and we believe that shopping ethical clothing, from fair trade and sustainable brands, is a key part of achieving that goal.

Our partner brands also share our zest for fitness and healthy living. Happiness comes from within, and we encourage our customers to get active and to build healthier lifestyles while caring for the planet.

We carry well-known ethical clothing brands such as Organic Basics, FILA and Asquith as well as rising stars like DK Active who are taking sustainable activewear to a whole new level. It has never been easier to shop all of your favourite ethical clothing brands in one place, so start building up your ethical wardrobe today!

Ethical Inside & Out

You can choose how you want to make a difference when you shop with Chief and Turtle. Our filters allow you to find the brands which align most closely with your core values, so you can look and feel great in complete confidence, knowing that you're actively supporting positive change in the world.

Some of our brands operate circular economies and manufacture clothes from recycled fabrics, like cotton and polyester, or recycled plastic bottles to minimise virgin plastics. Some brands focus on reducing their chemical and carbon footprint by choosing sustainably-farmed organic cotton or other eco-friendly materials.

Some brands use natural cruelty-free vegan materials. Others prioritise full transparency around their production process and supply chain to ensure that all impacted communities enjoy safe working conditions and a fair living wage. Some plant trees while others fight forced labour. Some focus on natural materials while others reduce waste.

Simply filter by the values that matter to you the most. From vegan-friendly to UK-made, from recycled to fair trade, shop our extensive range to find ethical clothes that suit you inside and out.